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  • MgO Panel
    MgO Panel

    Quick Details

    Warranty:  2 years

    Brand Name:  WH

    Model Number:  WH-MgO

    Panel Material:  Metal

    Core material:  Hollow MgO

    Width:  1200mm

    Length:  1-11.8m

    Thickness:  50mm

    Density:  23-25KG/CBM

    Surface:  0.376mm 0.426mmGalvanized Steel

    Eco-friendly:  100%

    Installation:  Groove

  • EPS Panel
    EPS Panel

    Quick Details

    Place of Origin:Anhui, China

    Brand Name:WH
    Model Number:WH-EPS
    Panel Material:Metal
    Core material:Polystyrene
    Color:RAL Color
  • Acoustic Panel
    Acoustic Panel

    Quick Details

    Warranty: 2 years

    Place of Origin: Anhui, China 

    Brand Name: WH

    Model Number: WH-AC 

    Panel Material: Metal 

    Core material: Polystyrene 

    Length: 1-11.8m

    Thickness: 50mm

    Density: 10-25KG/CBM

    Surface: 304 stainless steel

    Eco-friendly: 100%

    Installation: Groove